Woman shares how her dad delivered her firstborn when she was 16 - moments after finding out she was pregnant

Woman shares how her dad delivered her firstborn when she was 16 - moments after finding out she was pregnant
Photo credit: Composite: Getty Images, TikTok / @therealelwoods

A mum-of-two who gave birth to her first child at 16 has shared the shocking chain of events that led to her father delivering the baby on the bathroom floor - without even knowing she had been pregnant. 

Elle Woods, now in her late twenties, claimed on TikTok that her father had delivered her child - his first grandchild - at their family home, despite having no knowledge of her pregnancy until that moment.

In a viral video that has been viewed over seven million times, Woods recounted how she was already seven months along when a nutritionist informed her she was pregnant. 

"I found out at seven months through my nutritionist - not my GP - and I just didn't tell anyone that I was pregnant," she said. 

Burying her head in the sand, the then-16-year-old acted as if nothing had happened and went on with her life as normal: until she found herself in severe pain weeks later. 

Already in active labour, Woods said she asked her dad for painkillers in the early hours of the morning, but realised she couldn't hide her secret any longer. After telling her dad she was, in fact, about to give birth, she said he didn't miss a beat: springing into action and calling the emergency services.

Recalling the chain of events, Woods said that as "half of the baby's head [was] already out" and the nearest hospital was 40 minutes away, her father was told he'd have to deliver the baby then and there. 

"My father did not know I was pregnant until 4am that morning - and he delivered my daughter at 4:20am," she said in a follow-up video. 

"My uncle - my dad's brother - was living with us... [they] moved me to the ensuite as that was the largest tiled area and they put down a whole heap of towels.

"Dad said it was quite quick. I've had a second child since, and I laboured really [quickly] with him as well."

She added: "When the ambulance came [15 minutes later], they packed me up and took me to hospital. I don't remember a lot because I did go into shock and I lost a whole lot of blood."

She captioned the clip: "When I tell you he is never going to let me forget this, I mean he is NEVER going to let me forget this."

Woods' story stunned viewers, with many applauding her dad for his response to the undoubtedly shocking situation. One joked: "At least he didn't have time to get angry at you," with another adding: "Your dad is way better than mine, mine would have thrown a fit that I was pregnant, told me to 'figure it out myself' and walked out."

In the wake of her story going viral, Woods has since made her TikTok profile private, meaning only her 66,000 existing followers can view her content. 

Last year, another mum's childbirth story went viral after she revealed she only discovered she was pregnant - and had actually given birth - when she spotted two feet in the toilet bowl.

Lucy Jones, a cabin crew member from Bristol, England, dismissed the pain as menstrual cramps when she began to feel unwell in March. The next morning, however, the 22-year-old had given birth - to a baby she didn't even know she was carrying. 

As reported by the Mirror, Jones had been in bed when her stomach suddenly "flipped". Dashing to the bathroom, believing it was a sudden urge to go to the toilet, Jones heard a loud thump - and saw a newborn baby in the bowl.