How to travel internationally with sex toys, according to a sex educator

Traveling with sex toys concept. Packing sex toys in luggage suitcase when going on trip. - stock photo
With all the fretting about illicit items, it's easy to forget about the perfectly legal bits and bobs that can still land you in hot water if they're not packed correctly - like dildos. Photo credit: Getty Images

There's something inherently nerve-wracking about airport security, no two ways about it. Flustered faffing aside, the menacing warning signs ('do you have any of these items?') is enough to send anyone with mild anxiety into a tailspin.

Did I actually pack my own bag? Did I somehow pick up a knife instead of my toothbrush? Surely someone has slipped a Class A drug between my pyjamas. 

With all the fretting about the illicit items that could've somehow slipped into your carry-on suitcase, it's easy to forget about the perfectly legal bits and bobs that can still land you in hot water if they're not packed correctly - like, um, vibrators. Or dildos. 

First off, let's make it clear that travelling with sex toys is totally normal and - mostly - legal. In many countries, a cock ring in your carry-on is the least of security's worries. However, to avoid any awkward questions and potentially having said cock ring held aloft for all to behold, there are a few things you may want to consider to avoid any red-faced Customs encounters. 

"With a little prep, you absolutely can bring your favourite sex toy on holiday," said Emma Hewitt, the in-house sex educator at New Zealand-owned adult retailer Adulttoymegastore.

"Even if your vibrator does get pulled up at a Customs inspection, remember that a sex toy is a very normal, even healthy thing to bring travelling with you."

Emma Hewitt
Adulttoymegastore sex educator Emma Hewitt. Photo credit: Supplied

Before heading to the airport, take some time to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations concerning sex toys in your specific destination, Hewitt advised, as different countries have different laws.

While most Western countries have no restrictions, a number of other popular destinations - such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia - all have varying rules in place on the possession of sex toys. Some countries have complete bans, while others only restrict 'obscene' toys that resemble specific body parts.

Next, consider the size of the sex toy in question: for the sake of yourself, the security officer, and any family you might be travelling with, it's a good idea to pack something compact, like a bullet vibrator (read: not a giant pink dildo). Not only do small toys save packing space, they're also much more discreet should they draw questions. 

Finally, Hewitt recommends saving yourself some stress and simply storing said toy in your checked-in luggage. 

"This is particularly a good idea if you do decide to bring something bigger along, or if it's soft equipment like a harness," Hewitt added.

It might go without saying but for God's sake, take the battery out. If you're worried about how airport security might respond to a lipstick vibrator in your carry-on, you should be very concerned about what might happen if your suitcase starts shuddering on the conveyor belt. 

And if you're travelling in Australasia and feel like ordering a little goodie for some self-love on your holibobs, rest assured that Adulttoymegastore ships in discreet packaging.