OnlyFans creator Kine-Chan claims she was 'barred' from plane for her cosplay outfit - but fans think it was a stunt

Photo of OnlyFans model Kine-Chan
The nature of the incident has led to accusations it was a publicity stunt. Photo credit: @kinechan2.0 / Instagram

An OnlyFans creator has said she was barred from boarding a flight due to her skimpy outfit, claiming the airport's security staff ordered her to change into more "appropriate" clothing before she could enter the plane.

Brazilian model Kine-Chan has amassed a significant online following for her racy snaps and anime-themed content, with the influencer often engaging in cosplay - dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game - for her hundreds of thousands of fans.

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday, Kine-Chan shared a series of snaps that showed her talking to a security officer at Navegantes Airport in southern Brazil while wearing a black bikini top and matching underwear, complete with a turquoise wig and sandals. 

In the caption, which was written in Portuguese, the 21-year-old claimed she was catching the flight to attend an event where she would be cosplaying as Rebecca, a fictional character from the anime web series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

"I tried to board at Navegantes Airport dressed as Rebecca's cosplay for an event. I already knew I could be late, so I got dressed so I wouldn't waste time and could go straight to my room. But I was told to go home and change clothes because what I was wearing was not 'appropriate'," Kine-Chan added, according to a translation of her caption.

Bemoaning the "very annoying situation", she said she tried to explain to staff that she was dressed for an event she'd be attending at the destination, but the officers stood firm. 

However, many of her fans - of whom she has over 616,000 on Instagram - agreed with the airport staff. Several said the influencer had "gone too far" and insisted the outfit was "inappropriate" to wear on a plane, particularly in front of children, while others couldn't understand why she hadn't worn loose-fitting clothing over the bikini ensemble.

The influencer is now facing accusations that the incident was purely a stunt for social media engagement. 

"Kine I love you but for the love of God, you could have put on an easy pull-up outfit, like a dress or even a button-down blouse," one said, with a second agreeing: "They were right, you could have put clothes on there."

"It [couldn't] hurt to wear a dressing gown on top," a third weighed in, with another adding: "We know that was a strategy to... hype your Instagram account more, good strategy - despite [showing] lack of respect for other people."