Instagram model Mary Magdalene claims she was kicked off flight for looking 'too explicit'

  • 03/06/2022
Mary Sebastian Pickles Magdalene the Instagram model.
Photo credit: Instagram/1800leavemaryalone

A Canadian Instagram model notorious for her extensive plastic surgery has claimed she was removed from a recent passenger flight due to the size of her augmented breasts.

Mary Magdalene, who has 112,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform, said she felt "embarrassed and dehumanised" by the "discrimination" she was subjected to.

Canadian Instagram model Mary Magdalene says she was booted off a plane due to her large breasts.
Photo credit: Instagram/1800leavemaryalone

She did not reveal which airline she was travelling with, but said it was a recent flight from a location in Canada to the US city of Texas, and that it cost her CA$4000.

"I got kicked off the flight for how I look. Please stop discrimination, please, this is disgusting. I feel so embarrassed and dehumanised right now you guys have no idea," Magdalene wrote in an Instagram post following the ordeal.

But a subsequent post showed her back on the plane and included a threat to sue the staff member she claims removed her from the flight.

Magdalene alleged a female cabin crew member booted her off the plane because she was sleeping and not listening to instructions - but "obviously" the real reason for her removal was her appearance being "too explicit" for a passenger flight.

The unknown airline has not responded to Magdalene's claims.

Some commenters criticised the model's post, noting that many airlines have a dress code and Magdalene's revealing sports bra may have been considered inappropriate.

Responding to the criticism, Magdalene said: "I do not get how some people are saying it's OK that I would get kicked off for what I'm wearing. The point is that the same rules need to apply for everyone.

"If a small-chested girl wore the exact same thing, they would not say anything. This discrimination of enhanced bodies is very common... I am not trying to play victim, l am just sharing the reality of what goes on. 

"They really play with your money, e.g.: prevent you from growing on social media... constantly being deleted, getting kicked off flights [with] no refund.

"It is very messed up when you actually look at the ways this affects you in real life. #FREEMARY."

Canadian Instagram model Mary Magdalene shows off very large breasts.
Photo credit: Instagram/1800leavemaryalone