Cadbury Roses brings back its soft-centre crème treats - and a brand-new flavour

New Cadbury box against blue background with old-school Cadbury Roses
Some old favourites are coming back. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Getty Images / Supplied

Cadbury Roses is getting a revamp in Aotearoa, with the confectionery giant revealing it's shaking up the current mix of flavours to breathe new life into the Chrissy classic. 

In a statement released to Newshub on Monday, a spokesperson for Cadbury New Zealand confirmed the new-and-improved Cadbury Roses will reintroduce several fan-favourite soft-centred flavours - yes, welcome back Strawberry Crème, Orange Crème, and Peppermint Crème - as well as an all-new addition.

The brand-new treat, Passionfruit Delight, will feature a soft-centred passionfruit filling coated in Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate to complement the nostalgic, ooey-gooey goodness of the other flavours.

The beloved crème fillings were axed in 2018 to make way for White Raspberry and Vanilla Nougat, alongside the tweaking of several other classics - changes which prompted swift backlash among Cadbury connoisseurs. 

At the time, Cadbury's parent company, Mondelez, said the updates reflected "the changing tastes and preferences of Kiwis and addresses feedback across New Zealand".

It comes after Cadbury Australia announced it would be reintroducing the three crème fillings to its Roses lineup on July 7, which is recognised as World Chocolate Day.

To celebrate the return of the flavours and its all-new addition, Cadbury has also hit refresh on its packaging - updating the box to an "elegant new design", spokesperson Nicola Robertson said. 

"We've been listening to loyal Cadbury Roses fans, and the addition of soft-centre chocolates in some familiar flavours along with the refreshed packaging is our way of saying thank you for their unwavering support," she said. 

"Cadbury Roses has been a part of special moments and celebrations for generations, and we hope this nostalgic mix and packaging refresh will continue to bring joy to chocolate lovers across New Zealand. We can't wait for Kiwis to try them."

The assortment will continue to include Classic Milk, Hazelnut Swirl, Vanilla Nougat, Classic Caramel, Caramel Deluxe, and Turkish Delight, with the Orange Crème, Strawberry Crème, Peppermint Crème and Passionfruit Delight flavours replacing Hazelnut Creme Crisp, White Raspberry, Peppermint Crème Crunch, and Dark Mocha Nougat.  

The refreshed Cadbury Roses will start to appear in supermarkets, dairies and convenience stores this month.