Kmart shoppers obsess over viral $55 laundry hack

The zip up clothes dryer is the latest cheap find which people are obsessing over.
The zip up clothes dryer is the latest cheap find which people are obsessing over. Photo credit: Kmart website

Kmart shoppers are obsessing over their latest affordable find which has completely changed the way they do their laundry at home.

The portable clothes dryer has received several reviews online, with customers describing it as "the perfect appliance" for people who don't have a dryer or space for a laundry rack.

The product, which is sold at both Australian and New Zealand stores, is said to dry laundry in as little as one hour.

"No dryer? No problem. We are obsessed with this find," one woman said in a now-viral video.

"This alien-looking clothes hanger is a Kmart secret and I'm not gatekeeping," she said.

The woman said she zips the clothes up in the case, turns on the timer and is left with dry clothes in one to two hours.

"I don't have a dryer. This keeps me organised to count on my clothes being dry when I need them," she said.

The umbrella-shaped stand features a nylon cover to circulate the hot air, with drying temperatures of 60-85C.

The stand is described as "suitable for apartments or small spaces" on the product description. 

Since purchasing the product, several buyers have shared glowing reviews online.

"Great to buy school clothes in a hurry and doesn't use as much electricity as a tumble dryer," one Kiwi reviewer said.

"Love the fact that when I'm using it I can pack it away," another person wrote.

"I had one of these when I was living in a shared house with no dryer," an Australian reviewed.

"I loved it, especially during the winter months," they added.

Even people who already had a dryer in their house were quickly interested in the product.

"I have a dryer but I still want this! Kmart pulling out the goods," one person said.