How your morning coffee can boost your sex life

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We all know a cup of coffee can do wonders for our energy, but that morning java could also be the key to a steamier sex life.

The purported link between banging and your daily brew was recently explored by Dr Karan Rajan, a surgeon for England's National Health Service (NHS) and popular educator on social media.

Taking to TikTok, Dr Rajan - who boasts over 5.2 million followers on the platform - responded to fellow creators' claims that consuming coffee pre-coitus can intensify orgasms, an assertion that has been floating around online without much evidence.

In one video, a woman claimed to have tested the theory on herself by knocking back three shots of pre-sex espresso - branding the results as "wild" - while another pulled out a statistic that coffee can lead to a "50 percent" stronger climax. 

To set the record straight, Dr Rajan posed the question, "Can coffee make your horizontal bed sheet tango more intense?" - and the answer had viewers ready to rise and grind, so to speak.

"At low doses caffeine has mainly a vasoconstrictor effect - it narrows blood vessels," Dr Kajan explained in the clip, which has since amassed over 227,000 likes and 2.2 million views.

"But at very high doses it has mainly a vasodilator effect - it widens the blood vessels and improves blood flow.

"Arousal and orgasms are largely based on the amount of blood flowing to your crown jewels: the better your circulation, the more flow to your erectile tissue - thus, the more likely you are to reach states of arousal that set the state for a great orgasm." 

In other words, more blood pumping around the body equals, well, better pumping.

"Unfortunately, there's no real research into whether that can extend into the genitalia of humans," he added.

While Dr Rajan noted there is no definitive research to conclusively prove the link, he did refer to a 2005 study that found the sexual behaviour of female rats was affected by moderate doses of caffeine - suggesting a correlation between coffee and sex.

"Female rats who were administered caffeine engaged in more hanky-panky," Dr Rajan summarised.

"Simply put, caffeine is still a stimulant - so perhaps the increased focus, alertness, and heart rate just makes people more [sexually] active. 

"There's no real hard science to suggest whether coffee could make or break your big trip to O-town, but it does seem like a fairly benign experiment - so do whatever you need to do to float your erogenous boat."

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Coffee could intensify your Big-O, according to a doctor. Photo credit: Getty Images

According to VeryWell Health, coffee can boost energy, improve physical endurance, and increase the neurotransmitters associated with an elevated mood - factors that are all associated with a thriving sex life.

The health site adds that one or two cups consumed around 45 minutes prior to sexual activity may help combat erectile dysfunction (ED), boost testosterone, and provide that much-needed dose of energy - cheers to that. 

Additionally, studies have shown that men who consume between 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine are 42 percent less likely to experience ED compared to those who don't consume caffeine. 

Dr Rajan - who also works as a clinical lecturer at the University of Sunderland - has amassed millions of followers across social media with his entertaining but informative videos about health, science and medicine, as well as debunking myths and misinformation.