The little-known iPhone camera hack that transforms your selfies

A new iPhone hack promises to transform the way you take selfies.
A new iPhone hack promises to transform the way you take selfies. Photo credit: Getty Images

Ever wondered why even the best phone camera can turn your selfie into Shrek? Fear no longer: a new iPhone hack that promises to transform the way you take selfies has gone viral on social media. 

Speaking on her podcast Two Broke Chicks, co-hosts Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen, from Sydney, explained how to take "hot selfies" just by tweaking a few settings on your iPhone. 

"You know how you take a really good selfie on your camera? Then when you go into your photo gallery and you're like, 'Why do I look like Shrek? Why do I look like dirt?'

"It's because your photos become inverted," she said.

All you need to do is go into your camera settings and switch on 'mirror front camera'. 

"It'll keep the photo how you see it on your front camera as you take a picture," Hourigan explained. 

The video from the podcast has since gone viral, amassing more than 155,000 views. 

Her Instagram has since been flooded with comments.

"Ran straight to my camera settings... where was this post when I had to take a 'headshot' for work last week!" one person said.

Another called it "life-changing" and wrote: "BRB going to take a million selfies now."

One shared: "The way I raced to my phone to fact check. Omgggg, I never noticed that the phone did that. Have changed my settings now! Thanks ladies."