Forget dating apps: Dad looks for love on the road

Deejay O'Dowd's car window.
Deejay O'Dowd's car window. Photo credit: Trudi Nelson via RNZ

By Lucy Corry of RNZ

Dating apps are so 2023. An Auckland man has decided to go offline - and on his car window - in his search for love.

Northcote asbestos consultant Deejay O'Dowd has started the new year by turning his car into a mobile personal advert. He's customised a family sticker he bought off the internet, noting the partner role is 'currently vacant'.

"I wasn't quite prepared to go on Tinder, but I thought I would give this a go for a bit of a laugh," O'Dowd said.

The other members of the family - 12-year-old Liam and nine-year-old Amelia, plus tabby cat Oreo - are happy with their dad's unconventional way of putting himself out there.

"I do joke with my daughter all the time that my ideal partner would be [Australian actress] Margot Robbie. We're not too serious about it."

Deejay O'Dowd with 12-year-old Liam and nine-year-old Amelia.
Deejay O'Dowd with 12-year-old Liam and nine-year-old Amelia. Photo credit: Supplied via RNZ

If Robbie doesn't get in touch, 51-year-old O'Dowd (who is 1.78m tall, the same height as Bond actor Daniel Craig) would be happy to meet someone with a good sense of humour who might also be separated with kids.

He's been single for 18 months and is a recovering alcoholic: "it's a bit of a journey, for sure."

"I'm a pretty average guy, I guess. I work, I hang out with my kids and take them to their activities. I go to the gym; I do a bit of cycling. I don't really sit around watching TV, I like to stay active."

O'Dowd's had a handful of texts in the last few days since he applied the advert to his car's rear window, and he's been pleasantly surprised by the response.

"I just did it as a bit of a laugh. It's nice that people are interested."