Optical illusion: Only 2 pct of people can solve this mind-boggling brainteaser at first glance, creators say

The optical illusion
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If you think you have a knack for optical illusions, here's one to really put your interpretative skills to the test.  

This monochromatic illusion is a real head-scratcher, according to its creators, who claim only 2 percent of people can solve the mind-boggling brainteaser at first glance.

The pattern itself initially presents as rows of black-and-white zigzags, but eagle-eyed viewers will know there's more than meets the eye.

The illusion
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There's a hidden animal lurking amid the lines that skilled viewers should be able to spot in eight seconds, the creators say.

If you're struggling to see past the chevron, the striped animal might reveal itself with a little bit of squinting: you may want to try focusing on the illusion cross-eyed.

But if you're truly stumped, here's the answer: there's a zebra in the centre. But don't feel too bad, as the creators stress that 98 percent of us will struggle to decipher the zebra from the zigzags.

The optical illusion and the answer side-by-side
Here's the answer. Photo credit: Supplied

Last year, an optical illusion that claims to reveal whether you're a leader or people-pleaser went viral on TikTok.

The content creator who shared the illusion - who runs a popular TikTok specialising in visual personality tests and psychology tricks - said whether you are a people-pleaser or a team leader can be determined based on which animal you first see in the image, which is comprised of stripes and abstract shapes.

And in 2022, a study found an illusion known as the 'expanding hole' will trick approximately 86 percent of people.

The illusion, which will likely appear as an expanding black hole, is powerful enough to trick even our reflexes - deceiving our pupils to expand in anticipation of an expected decrease in light.