The wildest, wackiest and most amazing tech shown off at the Consumer Electronics Expo

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where all the big brands flaunt all the latest in tech, is in full swing in Las Vegas, with everything from robots for your dog to transparent TVs. 

CES is the annual 'nerdvana' in Nevada, where the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful technology is unveiled.

"CES covers all manner of technology, there's cars, there's flying machines, there's the gadgets that each of us buy in terms of consumer electronics and so on. There's the full gamut. It's literally the greatest show on Earth," technology and business commentator Paul Spain said.

"CES will have over 2000 exhibitors in over 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space spanning multiple properties in Las Vegas. We take over the city when we're here and we're expecting over 130,000 people," said Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro.

CES even took over the iconic Vegas Sphere, using some of the world's newest entertainment tech to celebrate some of the oldest - marking the 40th anniversary of Tetris.

Sony showed off their EV prototype which is controlled via PlayStation. Meanwhile, both Samsung and LG showcased completely transparent televisions.

But if there's a theme for CES 2024, it's AI in everything.

"We will be seeing AI in our TVs, in our phones, in so many more gadgets and the AI voice assistants that we're used to that have been pretty poor in the past are really going to step forward. So, I think it's going to be pretty exciting what we see from an AI perspective," Spain said.

An AI-powered cat door was unveiled at CES, as well as a robotic AI companion for dogs.

But while the tech ranges from silly to sensational, the aim of CES is simple.

"It comes down to making our lives better, easier and solving problems and that's what this technology is and should be about. It's solving real human problems. Whether it's in healthcare, transportation, education, mobility, that's what it's about," Shapiro said.

With two days to go and plenty more tech to show, 2024 could be the year science fiction becomes our reality.