New Zealanders among happiest people in the world when it comes to relationships, study finds

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New Zealanders are among the happiest people in the world when it comes to their relationships, according to a new poll. Photo credit: Getty Images

We've all heard the damning statistics when it comes to divorce, which can paint a pretty ugly picture for happily-ever-after hopefuls; but according to new research, New Zealanders may be more likely to reach 'death do us part' than you might've thought.

According to the recent Global Love Life Satisfaction poll by Ipsos, one of the world's leading market research companies, New Zealanders are among the happiest people in the world when it comes to their love lives.

The survey revealed how New Zealanders' relationships and sex lives compared with 30 other countries, with little ol' Aotearoa demonstrating noteworthy results in love, relationships and romantic satisfaction.

When surveyed, a significant 88 percent of New Zealanders said they were satisfied with their relationships, placing us third in the world when it comes to contentment with a partner or spouse. This rate surpasses the global average of 83 percent, placing New Zealand just behind Thailand (92 percent) and the Netherlands (91 percent), while tying with Indonesia, Malaysia and Peru.  

In addition, 78 percent of Kiwi participants reported 'feeling loved', exceeding the global average of 74 percent. This sense of 'feeling loved' increased to 82 percent among those in relationships; for single people, it was reported at 68 percent. According to the research, the countries with the most love to give were Colombia and Peru, with 86 percent of participants respectively saying they felt very or somewhat loved.  

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However, New Zealanders fell slightly below the global average when it came to satisfaction in their romantic and sexual lives, with 60 percent expressing contentment compared to 62 percent internationally. The highest rates of satisfaction were found in Mexico and India, both at 76 percent.

Meanwhile, 30 percent of participants in New Zealand said they were not satisfied with their sex lives.

The study also highlighted generational differences; while millennials were globally the most satisfied in their romantic and sexual lives (67 percent), Generation Z (59 percent), Generation X (61 percent) and Baby Boomers (59 percent) reported slightly lower levels of satisfaction.  

Comparatively, Boomers were the generation most likely to feel loved at 77 percent, followed by Millennials (75 percent), Gen X (74 percent) and Gen Z (72 percent). 

Marital status also influenced the results, with partnered individuals (74 percent) reporting more satisfaction in romance and sex than their single counterparts (52 percent).

Ipsos global relationship satisfaction infographic
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The online survey was conducted among 24,269 adults aged 18 to 75 across 31 countries between December 22, 2023 and January 5, 2024. Of the participants, about 1000 were from New Zealand.

The 'Global Country Average' reflects the average result for all the countries and markets where the survey was conducted; it has not been adjusted to the population size of each country or market and is not intended to suggest a total result.