Pak'nSave Valentine's Day display of razors, condoms becomes butt of the joke online

The Pak'nSave Kapiti Valentine's Day display
The display has caused quite a stir. Photo credit: r/newzealand / u/Brusqueski / Reddit

Pak'nSave has a public service announcement for prospective customers this Valentine's Day: whatever you do, don't buy your S/O a razor.   

The PSA comes as a Valentine's-themed display at Pak'nSave Kapiti causes quite a stir on Reddit, with amused users noting the emphasis on SKYN condoms and somewhat bizarrely, pink Gillette Venus razors.

Taking to the r/newzealand forum on Tuesday evening, a Redditor by the username u/Brusqueski shared a snap of the condom-heavy display, which also featured a selection of popular chocolates including Cadbury Roses, Favourites and Lindt Truffles.

"Their district does not require THAT many condoms," they jokingly captioned the photo.

It didn't take long for someone to point out that buying a razor for a woman on Valentine's Day would be an extremely hairy move.

"We should have a moment of silence to mark the passing of any man who gives their SO a razor for Valentine's Day," they said.   

"And they say romance is dead - to PnS romance equals a shave (for her), a shag, and a box of roses," another deadpanned.   

"Anyone getting their partner a razor as a Valentine's Day gift... RIP," a third weighed in.   

In a statement to Newshub, Foodstuffs spokesperson Emma Wooster explained that as Pak'nSave supermarkets are individually owned and operated, each individual team is tasked with creating their own store-specific promotions.

"Which is the case for this store, who've decided to have a bit fun with their display for Valentine's Day," she said.  

"Their rationale is a good one though; while a packet of razors or condoms is more likely to land you in the dog box if you gift them, we traditionally see an uplift of condom sales of up to 30 percent in Valentine's week.   

"It's great to see this team are anticipating the needs of their customers, making sure they don't need to waste any of their valuable Valentine's Day looking for these items at the supermarket."  

As for the Kapiti team's display in question, Wooster clarified that Pak'nSave "definitely doesn't suggest buying significant others razors or condoms as a gift".

"We wish all our customers a wonderful Valentine's Day," she added.

So if you're off to the supie to pick up a quick gift for your S/O, perhaps stick to the tried-and-true classics, like a bottle of wine, a nice champagne, or a selection of sweet treats.   

And if you're going to pick up condoms, don't be a cheapskate - at least get some lube while you're at it.