US mum goes viral with shocking discoveries on late husband's laptop

Screengrabs of cherrybombsquad007 from her viral video
Three years on, the woman is speaking out about her late husband's alleged online antics. Photo credit: @cherrybombsquad007 / TikTok

A woman has gone viral for revealing how her late husband had secretly been engaging in online affairs for years before his untimely death, claiming he had concocted elaborate stories to trick his multiple girlfriends.  

The stay-at-home mum, who documents her life on TikTok under the username @cherrybombsquad007, said she uncovered her late husband's alleged double life online after accessing his laptop.

In a video that has since been viewed more than 2.8 million times and amassed over 200,000 likes, she recreated the moment she discovered his indiscretions - filming herself with a laptop as she revealed the string of shocking findings.

"Going onto my late husband's computer after he passed... seeing the huge amount of chat feeds with different girlfriends," she captioned the footage.

"She left me for another man", "She was in an accident and is in a coma, I'm all alone", "My wife just died I'm a single dad", "This is the second time she's left me and our daughter", and "I have such a loveless marriage" were among the tales he supposedly spun to secure his online dalliances.

She then checked his bank statements, which allegedly revealed he had spent "hundreds of dollars" on porn and adult sites, as well as sending gifts to his online girlfriends.

She claimed she reached out to one of the women but was told the information would come "at a cost", and to add insult to injury, another online partner messaged his account during her investigation.

"As I'm getting ready to shut the computer and walk away, another message pops up: 'I miss you so much, baby, FaceTime tonight'," she recalled.

"Realising I never really knew the real him," she finished the video, alongside the caption: "I'm still angry but I'll never get answers to my questions."  

In her viral series 'The Late Husband Chronicles', the woman explained that her husband died at the age of 33 after experiencing chest pain. She said he had been discharged from urgent care but was soon rushed to the ER after collapsing.

A video on her account from December 2020 shows footage from the funeral, in which she confirmed he had died of a heart attack.

According to @cherrybombsquad007, she has been married three times and is currently with her third husband.