Bride divides opinion with 'rules' for fiancé's stag do: no strippers, 'no girls' and 'bring me back a present'

Split-screen image of Isabella Blount (right) and her list (left)
A bride-to-be has sparked heated debate online after revealing "strict rules" for her fiancé's stag do. Photo credit: @isabellab212 / TikTok

A bride-to-be has sparked heated debate online after revealing "strict rules" for her fiancé's stag do, including "no strippers" or "girls" in general - causing some critics to go as far to say the couple shouldn't get married at all.

Isabella Blount, a 24-year-old from Leicestershire, England, is set to wed her partner Max in Las Vegas in 2026 - but has already been busy compiling a list of stipulations for his future stag do.

Max popped the question during a holiday to DisneyWorld in September last year, according to Blount's TikTok, where she frequently documents their relationship and the wedding planning process.

But one post in particular has attracted the internet's attention (and wrath), with Blount's list of requirements for Max's stag do amassing over 1.8 million views and thousands of comments.

The carousel of images begins with a photo of Blount smiling in a bedazzled 'Bride' tiara, with the caption: "My rules for my fiancé's stag do."  

The next slide shows a screenshot of her Notes app, with the bullet-pointed list beginning with: "No strippers - (let's keep it classy, lads)."  

Next on her 'don'ts' docket were: "Girls are a no (I have eyes on the inside)"; "Locations are off limits (Amsterdam is a firm NO)"; and, "You can have fun (but you can't have as much fun as [me on my] my hen do)."

Other bylaws for her beau included: "Communication (so I know he's not [dead])"; "Video/photo everything (I get FOMO, I wanna be involved)"; and, "Bring me back a present (I'm not saying it will make up for anything, but I like gifts)."

"Strict instructions!" Blount captioned the images, which have since garnered almost 60,000 likes.  

The response to the list has been divided, prompting many to debate in the comments whether her stipulations were valid or a "red flag". While some have been quick to brand Blount as "controlling" and "toxic", others praised her for her honesty and for communicating clear boundaries.

"Honestly [you're] so real for this," one applauded her, while a second declared: "Stag/hens [nights] should be seen as a celebration that you're getting married, not a last 'free' night out."  

"The rules she has set are just boundaries, which quite frankly are just basic respect. I'm with you girl!" another crowed, with a fourth adding: "I feel like these are extremely valid and normal if you're in a healthy relationship." 

"If you don't trust him, just don't marry him!" another argued, with a sixth claiming: "Red flag. Marriage won't last."

"What? There ARE NO rules on stag nights," another said, with one noting: "If a bloke did this, it'd be controlling and oppressive."  

Blount has since insisted that her "strict instructions" were tongue-in-cheek, even claiming in the comments that she was "here for the views".

In a follow-up carousel shared a week later, she introduced her updated rules with the new heading: "My REAL requests for my fiancé's stag do... since everyone got a bit annoyed."

While strippers were still vetoed, she amended several of her previous requirements, including "communication" - "just a text a day to know you're okay" - and clarifying that a "present" meant a "souvenir, not diamonds".  

New additions included: "No shaving of the hair or eyebrows (please don't ruin the wedding photos)"; "No shit tattoos (unless it's tiny and hidden)"; and, "No gin (this is my fiancé's kryptonite - he's a sloppy drunk on gin, give him JD)."  

While the reaction was once again divided, Blount did have an epic clap back for one critic, who asked in the comments: "First one is unreasonable imo [in my opinion]. Are you really not secure enough to let your fiancé go to a strip club on his stag do?"  

"Are you so desperate to see some boobs you'd deliberately make your partner uncomfortable?" she countered. Mic drop.

Her original "joke" list (L) versus her updated, "real requests".
Her original "joke" list (L) versus her updated, "real requests". Photo credit: @isabellab212 / TikTok

Speaking to the wedding planning website Hitched after her list went viral, Blount claimed she and Max had previously discussed their boundaries and agreed on their expectations for both his stag do and her hen night.

"Not all of these are my actual views, and the word 'rules' was meant to be a joke - he's not a child," she told the website. "I would say they're more like the boundaries of things I'm uncomfortable with him doing.

"The actual thing I have said to my fiancé is 'no strippers', as for me, this is disrespectful and I think a lot of women agreed in the comments."

She clarified that Max knew she had planned to share the TikTok and "completely agrees [with] and respects" her requests.

"The communication 'rule'works both ways. He would want to know I'm safe also," she added.