The rich, unknown Scot buying up NZ businesses

The rich, unknown Scot buying up NZ businesses

He's worked with chocolate, RJ's licorice, motorsports, pet food; he's the multi-million dollar businessman spending large in New Zealand who you've probably never heard of.

But life did not start out that way for Scottish entrepreneur Tony Quinn who learnt the value of hard, unpaid work from an early age.

He was the son of a struggling pet food maker and lived in a caravan. But by 23, he was making more money running a sign writing company than Margaret Thatcher was as a Prime Minister.

Mr Quinn moved to New Zealand and was back into the business of making money out of animal fats and pet food.

He eventually sold the company for $410 million and in a Gold Coast mansion - a far cry from the caravan as a child.

So what are the entrepreneur's advice and rules when it comes to business and what makes him tick?

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