Flights around the world now cheaper than ever

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Pack your bags now, it is cheaper than ever to fly around the world (Getty)

Flights from every competitor in the sky have fallen in recent times, offering passengers various cheap choices in who they can fly with.

According to the Ministry of Transport, 25 commercial passenger airlines fly in and out of New Zealand. Last year, more than 3.5 million visitors came, pumping more than $14 billion into the local economy.

With that demand and growing tourism industry, more airlines are wanting to get on-board.

New Zealand recently signed an air services agreement with Colombia,one of several in the pipeline to make it easier to travel to countries in Central America, Africa and Europe.

Flight Centre has called the current state of travel a'golden era'.

In February, flights from Auckland to Amsterdam were going for the cheap-as-chips rate of $1000 with China Southern Airlines.

Flight Centre also said premium economy and business class tickets were also dropping, making it a reality for some to fly in style without breaking the bank.

With Qatar Airways' new route to Auckland, you can travel business class to London return for less than $5000.

With the influx of carriers to New Zealand shores, more options are meaning less cost.

Flights to Hawaii and the west coast of the United States on Air New Zealand flew to a huge low earlier in the year, seats being offered for less than $900 return to Los Angeles and Houston. 

More gateways are on the way as well, there are already flights leaving from New Zealand stopping off in the United States, Asia, Dubai and most recently Qatar, which offers direct flights to Doha from Auckland on Qatar Airways, which is now recognised as the longest commercial passenger flight in the world.

In 2018, Qantas will open a new gateway from down-under, announcing direct flights from Perth to London, a trip covering more than 14,000km without touching land.

Singapore-based airline Scoot has also entered the game, now offering return flights from Australia to Europe for less than $1000 after spending $2 billion on eight new Dreamliner 787-8 aircraft.

Despite the consistent deals and steals for your ticket to the world, Flight Centre encourages consumers to "make the most of it" because air travel has never been cheaper - and its not known how long the cheap flights will last.

Tips for booking flights:

  • Book in advance if you can - the cost of flights hike closer to the date.
  • Use a travel agent - they can talk through variables like where you want to go, who you want to fly with and how much you want to spend.
  • Shop around! Deals can pop up at any time, so keep an eye out.
  • Don't miss your flight, because all that preparation will be for nothing!