Australian restaurateur quits UberEats in fiery Facebook post, calls the company 'evil'

An UberEats bike.
An UberEats bike. Photo credit: Getty

An Australian restaurateur has quit UberEats in a spectacular fashion, announcing his decision to part ways with the food delivery service in a fiery Facebook post.

The head of Sydney burger joint Burgers By Josh, Josh Arthurs, took to Facebook to call out UberEats for leaving both him and his customers unimpressed due to poor service.

"The DRIVERS themselves are UN TRAINED in food handling and customer service and any Joe off the street can join," Mr Arthurs wrote.

"The problems is furthered because Uber drivers are not paid much so they will take one Job/food order and often stop in and get another along the way which results in customers getting cold food!"

According to Mr Arthurs his restaurant was getting poor reviews thanks to UberEats drivers mishandling food, and he could not do anything aside from leave a poor review for the driver.

"Uber already takes 35 percent off the overall sales sold through the app, leaving restaurants with no room to make a profit," he said.

"This is a truly evil company and it's destroying our beautiful Australian restaurant culture."

Mr Arthurs said moving forward his company will be removing their partnership with UberEats and instead using Deliveroo, which he believes uses better trained drivers.