Trade Me already has unwanted Xmas gifts on sale

Unwanted Christmas gifts have already started appearing on Trade Me - some less than 24 hours after they were unwrapped.

A simple search of the phrase "unwanted Christmas gift" on Trade Me reveals dozens of results.

Among the results are a unicorn shaped floating drink holder, a Vodafone smartphone, maracas, and a set of rosary beads.

Most of the auctions have little interest, but at least one person has been told off for listing a gift they didn't appreciate.

"Wow why is this unwanted? You should be grateful," one person commented on an auction of a handmade kite.

But the seller would not be drawn into discussion about keeping the kite.

"Different people has different taste and point of view, happy bidding," they said.

Trade Me encourages the practice, and said on Boxing Day 2017 that the sales mean gifts may find a loving home.

"Many Kiwis will have prepared their best Oscar-winning performance when they unwrapped a clanger yesterday," a spokesperson said. 

"All's not lost for them though - they can find a happy home for that unwanted gift on Trade Me and make a bit of cash to get something they really want."