'True organic producer' complains about real estate advert

A complaint about a real estate company's alleged misuse of the word 'organic' has been thrown out.

The complaint, laid by a "true organic producer", was directed at a TV advert for Bayleys, in which a child's struggling lemonade business is saved when another child adds the word 'organic' to his sign.

"As a certified organic primary producer I take issue with a simple sign change to sell lemons in this ad," the complainant M Whitelock told the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

"It reflects on the lack of integrity within the real estate industry with organic produce being used or exploited for its gain. Organic is what is within or on the product not the word!"

They said it is expensive to get organic certification, and took issue with "greedy, dishonest self-interested people" using it to make "$ gains".

"Mutton dressed as lamb is still a sheep. Lipstick on a sow is still a pig or pork... True organic producers don't want to be associated with the negative real estate industry and its lack of credibility."

The ASA said Bayleys was "attempting to use humour to reflect the level of hyperbole that can feature in real estate advertising", and was unlikely to mislead anyone into thinking their homes were organic.

"In the context of an advertisement for a real estate brand it is unlikely to mislead or deceive consumers."

The complaint was dismissed.