Lotto Powerball: West Auckland couple walk away $8 million richer

A west Auckland couple are still in disbelief after claiming $8 million in Lotto Powerball. 

The couple, who haven't been named, say they regularly buy lotto tickets on the Lotto NZ App, and never imagined it could make them millionaires. 

"When I saw $8,000,000 staring back at me, my heart started pounding," the winner said.

"I jumped straight off the couch and ran into the bedroom where my partner was sleeping - my mind was buzzing."

He said he discovered the win on Sunday morning after putting the couple's baby to sleep, and was "beside" himself when he saw the numbers adding up on the app.  

"As I watched the numbers being circled one by one, I started to get excited. By the time the sixth number was about to be drawn, I was beside myself. 

"I was just willing the last number to be number 24 - and when it was, I was in complete shock."

With the winner also matching the all-important Powerball number, he said he soon saw a six-figure prize on his phone screen, which is when his "heart started pounding". 

The man's partner said he "could tell something was up straight away". 

"We put our hands on each other's chests, and sure enough both our hearts were racing - it was such a surreal moment!"

The couple said the first thing they plan to do with the money is purchase their first home, and then help out their families, and plan to do some travel. 

"We've always wanted to go to Bora Bora as well; it's crazy to think we can just do it now."

When the reality of becoming millionaires had sunk in, the couple said they spent the day visiting family and letting them in on the good news.

It's not the first time an Aucklander has won $8 million in Lotto Powerball this year.