Low cost petrol company Waitomo headed to Wellington

Petrol prices around the capital could be poised to plummet, as low cost provider Waitomo opens there.

Wellington's first Waitomo station is opening at midday on Tuesday - and will take residence on Fergusson Drive, in Upper Hutt.

Regional Chamber of Commerce president John Milford says the market needs this.

"If it means that you're shaving some cents off of the cost of doing business then that goes towards you even making more of profit so you're making an investment, or growing your business."

He's expecting other petrol stations in the area will drop their prices too.

"Providers actually have to match their price otherwise their competitive environment changes and they don't do as much business."

The unmanned station will be open 24/7. Milford expects it will have a huge effect.

"We're talking ten cents cheaper, low cost operators [are] good for competition, good for consumers, but also good for businesses."

Wellington does not currently have any Gull stations, New Zealand's other low cost petrol provider.

The closest ones are in Levin and Masterton, while before now the closest Waitomo station was in Foxton.

Waitomo's website has a station listed as "coming soon" for Pipitea in central Wellington.