Workers 'devastated' over The Warehouse staffing overhaul - union

A union says some workers at The Warehouse are suicidal following proposals for a huge overhaul of the Kiwi retailer. 

Up to 150 jobs could be on the line, and workers at eight stores are facing huge changes to their rosters. 

A union representing staff says many of them are struggling emotionally after being told of a proposed overhaul of the business.

A union representative described it as "devastation." 

"Absolute devastation I have never been inundated with calls like I have been ... around this restructure," said a Kate Davis from First Union.

The company wants to close down 11 in-store centres dealing with online orders and move them to a single distribution centre. 

Around 150 staff could lose their jobs, but The Warehouse says 100 new ones would be created. 

It also wants to trial changes to workers' hours at eight stores in the Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay. 

"When we are changing these rosters to be able to fulfil our customers ... we are actually creating more hours over our eight stores," a Warehouse spokesperson told Newshub.

But First Union claims many workers will actually have their hours cut drastically, and are now worried they won't be able to make ends meet. 

The Warehouse says it's aware of two people who've been signed off from work by their GP due to work-related stress but wasn't aware of any suicidal staff. 

It says it takes the matter very seriously and has offered its staff a range of support options.

"From day one we have offered every single team member an independent counselling service," said Warehouse CEO Pejman Okhovat.

The Warehouse says staff in the eight stores trialling the new rosters are now able to submit their preferences before any changes are rolled out. 

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