Newshub's top 10 weird TradeMe stories

TradeMe banner.
TradeMe celebrates 20 years in operations this month. Photo credit: Supplied.

TradeMe is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month so we've put together a list of the weirdest things Newshub has reported on the popular trading site over the years.

From taxidermied pets, to creepy dolls and cigarette ash, TradeMe always seems to find a way to reveal the unexpected items Kiwis see value in.

Here are 10 of the weirdest stories Newshub has written about TradeMe:

A cat taxidermy.
A cat taxidermy. Photo credit: TradeMe

Apparently you can sell a taxidermied version of your pet cat to New Zealanders, whether it comes in the form of a purse - or even rug - for over $500.

Both examples drew debate about the merits of preserving a beloved pet, with one user joking that: "[Anti-cat campaigner] Gareth Morgan would like a bulk price on these."

Beetroot for sale. Photo credit: TradeMe
  • Meet the man behind the viral Christmas beetroot auction on Trade Me

An unwanted Christmas present in the form of a ribbon-tied beetroot drew plenty of attention and unexpected bids.

The seller in question was a scorned husband and the beetroot part of a joke present to his wife, who didn't understand his humour at all. 

 Pak'nSave plastic bag.
A Pak'nSave plastic bag. Photo credit: TradeMe

The age of sustainability has seen plenty of New Zealanders become nostalgic for the good old days  of yellow Pak'nSave bags.

One example of the yellow, single-use carry bag brought in an huge profit for one 18-year-old from Nelson.

David Seymour
David Seymour twerking. Photo credit: TradeMe

Dancing With The Stars has brought plenty of weird and wonderful moments to New Zealand screens with ACT party leader David Seymour a constant standout.

One episode of the show saw Mr Seymour twerking in a curve-hugging, fluoro outfit that he subsequently auctioned off for charity.

Creepy dolls.
Creepy dolls. Photo credit: TradeMe

Creepy dolls are always a hit with a particular niche of the population, though this collection's marketing copy matched its subject matter perfectly.

"I often wake up in the night with them snuggling me, which is weird, because I always lock them in the cupboard before I go to bed."

A bride and groom.
A wedding dress. Photo credit: TradeMe

One newlywed came up with a genius way to list their old wedding dress.

"It is in excellent condition - unlike my marriage. Pretty much brand new and ready for a legit wedding after a practise run back in 2013."

A rocket-shaped caravan.
A rocket-shaped caravan. Photo credit: TradeMe

A man's quirky hobby of building rocket-shaped caravans was launched into the consciousness of New Zealanders everywhere after listing one on Trademe.

Apparently the caravan needed to go because "you just don't need two rockets".

Cigarette ash.
Cigarette ash for sale. Photo credit: TradeMe

In possibly the most misguided TradeMe listing to make the news, one user attempted to sell a bucket of cigarette ash they had been collecting for more than six months.

A Reddit thread.
A Reddit thread about TradeMe. Photo credit: REddit

Reddit is a source of joy for millions around the world and its thread dedicated to all things New Zealand went through a phase of posting some truly bizarre TradeMe exchanges.

One saw a man described as an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike and his wife turn hostile after realising they'd been sold a second-hand outdoor feeding trough for cows which had scratches on it.

A child wearing a hat.
A child wearing a Bunnings Warehouse hat. Photo credit: TradeMe

Finally, what would a best-of list be in 2019 without a mention of rowdy tourists?

A child of the infamous family from the UK, was photographed wearing a large Bunnings Warehouse hat, which apparently then ended up listed for auction.