Twizel buzzing with news of $17m Powerball win

Twizel has been abuzz on Sunday as people rush to check if they're $17 million richer.

Last night's winning Powerball ticket was purchased in the small Canterbury town.

Everyone knows how much was won, but today the talk of Twizel was about who's become an overnight millionaire.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at the Market Store. They've been run off their feet checking hopeful winner's tickets.

"A couple of friends text to say a big prize had been won in Twizel and they hoped that it'd been my store," says owner Monica Andrew.

But so far, no one's come forward.

"We haven't heard from the lucky winner yet but we've got the champagne on ice," says Marie Winfield, head of communications at Lotto NZ.

It's the first time Powerball's been struck in Twizel and it's the South Island's largest Powerball win of the year.

So who is the lucky punter who got that last-minute Christmas gift? And given it's a holiday hot spot, the question's being raised - was the winner a tourist or a local?

Locals hope it's one of them.

"[It's a] small town, it's gonna get out. Good luck to the person who bloody got it mate. Good on them, fantastic," one person told Newshub.