Lotto expecting big ticket sales for record prize

Lotto expecting big sales after it was announced every cent of Saturday's record $50 million Powerball will be paid out. 

On Thursday Lotto's CEO Chris Lynman got behind the till to print out tickets for the special occasion.

"This is the biggest jackpot we've ever seen, the previous biggest jackpot was $44 million, obviously Saturday is a $50 million must be won," he said.

For this Saturday's Powerball, Lotto New Zealand is expecting ticket sales to be upwards of two million as more punters get involved because of the guaranteed payout.

One punter told Newshub, "Everybody in New Zealand is buying a ticket". 

Another said, "I will buy one because I think, if you're not in, you can't win".

If a single player does win First Division and Powerball they'll take home New Zealand's largest ever Lotto prize however the chance of that is pretty low. It is likely the $50 million will be shared.

Lynman confirmed "If there are no winners on division one, then it rolls down to division two. So for example, last night in the draw there were five-second division winners of Lotto Powerball".

Auckland University statistician Russell Millar says because it's a must-win situation predicting the odds of a single person winning is difficult

"Your odds of being injured by lightning this year are one in a million, we're saying it's still one in seven million for winning this jackpot."

He recommended some ways to maximise your odds of winning big.

"Minimise your chances of sharing it, so probably if you just go with the power dip choice or something like that rather than using birthdays or obvious sequences."