Coronavirus: Where to buy hand sanitiser, face masks, toilet paper in New Zealand

  • 18/03/2020

Everyone knows washing your hands and having high personal hygiene standards are the best ways to fight coronavirus.

But with demand through the roof and price-gouging everywhere you look, it's harder than ever to find the products most effective at curbing the threat of COVID-19.

Panic-buying in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak has left supermarket aisles drained of hand sanitiser and toilet paper, among other hygiene and safety products.

And with exploitative retailers making online shopping for sanitiser and face masks more expensive than ever, Trade Me has clamped down on price-gougers.

The good news is there are tools you can use to find the products you need more cheaply - even if you're self-isolating and unable or unwilling to go out to the shops.

One of the best is Price Spy, an online price and product comparison service that provides a guide to consumers wanting to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Here are the best places to buy hygiene and safety products, according to Price Spy.

Hand sanitiser

The cheapest on Price Spy is a 50ml bottle of Essence Hand Sanitiser for $4.50 from Travel Products - however, that goes up to $12 with shipping.

Taking the shipping into account, the best value for money is the 89ml bottle of Sea to Summit Liquid Hand Sanitiser, which you can get for $14.50 including shipping.

For larger bottles, Capes Medical Supplies sells a 350ml Dermasoft Alcohol Free Sanitiser for $23.35, including shipping.

Face masks

A five-pack of basic Esko BreatheEasy Nuisance dust masks can be purchased through Mitre 10 for $7.88. Mitre 10 also sells five Fuller dust masks for $7.93.

A larger pack of 50 Esko dust masks can be bought for $14.98 from Mitre 10.

Toilet paper

A single 2-ply toilet roll can be purchased from Warehouse Stationery for just $1.49.

If you're after something a bit longer-lasting, however, they also sell a 1-ply 50-sheet six-pack for $7, and a 40-pack of 2-ply toilet roll for $18.90, including shipping.

When available, Countdown and other supermarkets sell toilet paper at a range of prices.

Other products

Price Spy also shows a range of options on hand wash, paper towels and other hygiene and safety products.