NZ property market: Mark Richardson says it took one 'growing nightmare' tenant to stop him being a landlord

Mark Richardson has revealed a "growing nightmare" situation with a tenant is why he's no longer a landlord.

His comments came after property expert Ashley Church spoke to The AM Show expressing his belief the current Labour Government was "anti-landlord".

Church is the former head of the Property Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland Property Investors Association, and these days provides commentary on real estate matters. 

Reacting to new data showing a continued rise in house prices, Church said the Government was introducing some "pretty scary stuff on the horizon when it comes to supply".

Richardson told the show what made him quit being a landlord.

"It took for me one difficult tenant and I was out," he told co-hosts Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies, adding he could see the "nightmare" coming.

"It was growing," he said. "It was going to become recurrent. Now, if other people like myself start thinking the same, we'll have real issues when it comes to providing accommodation for people."

Garner added, "I think we're seeing [the issues] now".

Church earlier told The AM Show the likes of foreign buyers weren't influencing high house prices as much as people thought.

He claimed the current Government was "the most anti-landlord Government probably in the history of our nation".

"I don't know whether it's deliberate or whether it's just something they're doing out of naivety, but when you look at the combined impact of some of the policies they've introduced over the last two or three years, there's some pretty scary stuff on the horizon when it comes to supply, and that supply has a knock-on effect on rental prices," Church said.

New figures from show despite whatever "anti-landlord" moves the Government is making, they're still making bank. Asking prices nationwide were up 3.9 percent between June and July, for a rise of 12.9 percent in the past year to $756,250.