Australian banker fined for drunken outburst on Qantas flight from Auckland

The man refused to comply with instructions and tried to kick police.
The man refused to comply with instructions and tried to kick police. Photo credit: File

An Australian banker has avoided jail for a drunken mid-flight tantrum which culminated in him trying to kick police officers.

Thomas Cribb, the managing director for Citibank Sydney, was flying from Auckland to Sydney in February when he had too much to drink.

The Australian Financial Review reports 39-year-old Cribb became belligerent, asking crew for more scotch an hour before the flight landed.

He refused to obey crew instructions to go back to his seat - the court heard Cribb was asked to sit down and prepare for landing at least five times.

The flight's captain then asked police to meet the flight at the gate and remove Cribb.

Upon seeing the police, Cribb launched into a furious tirade of abuse.

"You have no idea who I am," he reportedly told officers.

"You don't realise how big a mistake you've just made. You're gone. I'm taking your badge. You've just f****d up."

He then tried to kick officers as he was tackled after resisting arrest. 

On Tuesday he pleaded guilty to the obstruction of a Commonwealth officer and failing to comply with crew instructions.

Cribb's lawyer noted he had provided multiple "glowing" character references that described him as "a gentle soul".

He was ordered by the judge to continue seeing his psychologist, and will serve a two-year good behaviour bond without conviction.