Mark Richardson, Jesse Mulligan clash over the impossibility of buying a house in 2020

The AM Show host Mark Richardson and The Project anchor Jesse Mulligan have clashed over the possibility of buying a house in 2020.

During a discussion on wealth figures on The Project, ex-New Zealand cricketer Richardson said the amount of wealth you have in your 20s shouldn't mean anything.

"I was in the negatives when I was probably about 27," Richardson told The Project on Tuesday. "Now I'm moving my way through the list."

But Mulligan said he just got a bit lucky.

"All I would say is that you and me - to an extent, got a bit lucky because you came through at a time when you could buy a house," he said.

"And people can't buy a house in 2020 - that ladder's gone - so how are they going to climb up those rankings the same way you did?"

"That's where we disagree," Richardson replied, "because I think it is possible." 

"I think you just have to look at other ways of buying properties and maybe you're not going to buy a three-bedroom in Onehunga straight up."

"But the median house prices like, a million dollars now right?" Mulligan persisted. "And wages haven't increased."

"We could argue this all night couldn't we?" Richardson replied.

"Perhaps look outside of where you live. Perhaps look more into the low-value investment end of it and see if you can make that work."

The median house price in Auckland is forecast to hit over $1 million by the end of the year, according to money comparison site Finder.