Donald Trump's wealth plummeted during his presidency - report

His planes, golf courses and real estate have all dropped significantly in value.
His planes, golf courses and real estate have all dropped significantly in value. Photo credit: Getty

Donald Trump's wealth plummeted by almost NZ$1 billion during his presidency, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index.

The former US President's office buildings, hotels and resorts all lost revenue and fell in value during the COVID-19 pandemic. His fleet of planes and golf courses have also seen drops in their value.

Bloomberg analysed Trump's financial documents between May 2016, before he became President, and January 2021, when his presidency ended.

Commercial buildings and real estate comprise approximately three quarters of his net worth. During COVID-19 a lot of these buildings lost revenue as office workers preferred to remain at home - a trend which could continue even after the pandemic has passed.

Bloomberg estimates a 26 percent decline over the time it examined.

His two Scottish golf courses have also lost money - somewhat surprisingly, as enthusiasm for the sport has grown during COVID-19, reports the BBC.

His fleet of planes - including a Boeing 757 - have also declined in value.

Seven planes were valued at around $59 million in 2015 and five were valued at about $6.5 million in 2020. The value of Trump's aircraft has dropped over the years, in part because he has sold some of his fleet.

Trump's book sales have also plummeted since his presidency ended, with revenue from the sales down 87 percent in the past five years, Bloomberg reports.

Since becoming President in 2016, Trump has fallen 77 places in the Forbes ranking of the 400 richest Americans - placing him at number 352.