Revealed: What your star-sign says about your money habits and financial year ahead

Astrologer Patsy Bennett reveals what the new financial year might have in-store for each star-sign.
Astrologer Patsy Bennett reveals what the new financial year might have in-store for each star-sign. Photo credit: Getty.

Capricorns and Virgos are more likely to be good with money and Leos have a tendency to overspend, a leading astrologer says.

Astrology isn't an exact science.  But in addition to influences such as upbringing, knowledge, and experience, astrologers say how the stars are positioned at birth can affect peoples' personality traits, including how they manage money.  

For those who have money worries or just want some ideas to increase their financial prosperity, research by Afterpay and astrologer Patsy Bennett reveals the personality traits of each star-sign and what might lie ahead this financial year.  

According to Bennett, this information is useful for setting daily, weekly and monthly goals.

"Once you understand these traits you can use them to your advantage and really take control of your finances," Bennett says.

Capricorns - people born between the dates of December 22 and January 19 - are the most  likely to have a budget and plan for the future. And Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, are renowned for being meticulous with their money.

But although big-hearted and generous, Leo, born between July 23 and August 22, is the star-sign most likely to overspend. Aries, born between March 21 and April 19 tend to be impulsive - and that includes how they spend money.

For those just a little curious about what their star-sign says about their money habits and the financial year ahead, Bennett shares what the stars have in-store below.


Budgeting and financial planning are your BFFs, but you don’t mind a spending spree every now and then. 

Try not to take on more financial obligations than necessary and use your ability to reason and strategise to create a solid financial platform in 2021.

"In 2021, mid-June and October are excellent months for career improvement," Bennett says.

"Take the initiative with work and career development in 2021 as you could truly improve your finances and status this year. 

"Use your ability to reason, strategise and calculate to create a solid financial platform this year and move forward."


While you prefer tried and tested financial practices, you're also drawn to digital currencies and new and innovative investments. 

With the world moving rapidly, you'll do well to change your savings and financial investments in line with changing times.

"Expect to see changes financially in 2021 - especially at the end of May and early December as your status - and potentially, also, your earning power - take a turn," Bennett says.


Grounded and practical, you believe all things will sort themselves out in their own way.  But you should be careful if this leads to avoiding a healthy financial plan. 

In 2021, you may be drawn to learn new skill sets. This will certainly increase your earning power.

"This year, being adaptable in the workplace will truly help your financial circumstances. In 2021, you may be drawn to learn new skill sets, and this will certainly increase your earning power," Bennett says.


You're often impulsive, which can lead to you spending money on a whim or rushing into an important life-changing decision without doing your research. Consider monitoring a budget to help slow down your impulses.

"This year, the eclipses in May and November spell a change in your fortunes, so be super-careful at these turning points both with budgeting and investments," Bennett says.


All that glitters isn't gold, but this doesn't stop you from enjoying a little luxury. 

Consider spending more time and less money on the important areas of your life - like a peace of mind and people you love.

"Luckily, your work schedules and interests will change in 2021.

"[This will] provide the chance to include more of what makes you happy such as new activities and ideas that will reshape your year," Bennett says.


As a natural risk-taker, it's important for you to put safe spending habits and a budget in place. 

If you struggle to commit to a budget, consider asking a friend or accountant to help.

"In 2021, there will be ongoing fluctuations in your work situation, so ensure you keep a little aside in case of an occasional rainy day," Bennett says.


You're an emotional spender - especially when it comes to larger investments. You also love a little retail therapy.

Be careful to separate emotions from your purchases and only buy things you'll benefit from having.

"In 2021, changes in your general direction and home life will spell financial change, so aim to save for exciting projects," Bennett says.


The star-sign most likely to over-indulge or splurge, over time you'll learn to tone down your tendency to overspend. 

To establish a happy medium, remember moderation in all things will help you stay on a steady financial course.

"2021 is an excellent year to get your budget sorted out so that you know it's stable and will provide a strong foundation for years to come," Bennett says.


You're meticulous with money, a great planner, and are excellent at organising a workable budget. 

Remember to leave a little wiggle room to enjoy life - within the budget of course!

"In 2021, pay a little extra focus on the details of shared finances, such as taxes and loans especially in mid-February, mid-June, and December," Bennett says.


Always looking to create balance and harmony, you love to balance the books while also having a predilection for luxury items! 

Curbing your appetite for stuff you don’t need will help keep your finances healthy.

"2021 will include [a] considerable change in your personal life and building a strong foundation in your home will help you to move forward," Bennett says.

"A property investment or a move will involve the need for more cash, so a healthy balance in your savings account will help buffer costs."


Passionate and motivated, you tend to let your impulses do the talking and can be easily influenced. 

Try a "one step at a time" approach to a healthy budget and savings plan and look for more fulfilling behaviours that don't involve money.

"Developments mid-February will give you a good idea of how your finances will fare for the rest of the year," Bennett says.

"Make long-term decisions in 2021, as developments at work will determine income for some time to come."


You love to live largely!  Being spontaneous, you live life in the present and worry about money later. 

Think about how to put a solid budget in place for 2021 and get expert advice for larger investments.

"Being spontaneous, you live life in the present and worry about money later. Large investments involving loans and mortgages are best considered with expert advice as you do tend to bite off more than you can chew," Bennett says.

"The earlier in 2021 you can put a solid savings plan in place, the better your year."