Lotto: Kiwis fume as app demand leaves players unable to check tickets

  • 20/10/2021

New Zealanders trying to check their Lotto numbers via its app on Wednesday night are angry after high demand meant they couldn't immediately find out if they had become multi-millionaires.

Lotto NZ has told players to instead check their tickets on the app in the morning when the demand has eased. Demand was high due to anticipation for the enormous $42 million draw.

Multiple disgruntled players took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the MyLotto app. Players posted screenshots of where they sat in the queue to view their tickets - with many drawing comparisons to the online managed isolation (MIQ) virtual lobby booking system debacle.

"Anything MIQ can do, Lotto can do better," said one Twitter user, who was number 49,749 in the queue to check his ticket.

"Why doesn't Lotto take 1 of those 42 million bucks and build itself a website that doesn't crash all the time," another wrote.

"This is higher than the MIQueue," said another.

Wednesday's $42 million Powerball was bagged by a single person, making it the second-largest Lotto prize ever struck in New Zealand. Countdown Pōkeno in Waikato was where the winning ticket was sold.

"There's been a lot of excitement ahead of tonight's draw and we're currently experiencing very high demand on MyLotto. Please bear with us or check your tickets in the morning," Lotto said in a statement.