Zuru Toys co-founder Nick Mowbray and wife Jaimee Lupton expecting first child

  • 04/01/2022

Kiwi toy billionaire Nick Mowbray and his wife Jaimee Lupton are expecting their first child together. 

Lupton announced the news on Instagram on Monday, posting a picture of her and Mowbray on board a yacht showing off her new bump. She also posted a scan picture of the unborn baby, 

"Who knew meeting 9 years ago would lead us to this moment... Nick’s little sidekick arriving July 2022," the caption read. 

Mowbray, who along with siblings Matt and Anna, started Zuru Toys in 2004 in Waikato before moving to China and turning it into a global toy company. 

Last year's NBR rich list ranked the siblings fourth, despite COVID-19 affecting sales.  

NBR estimated annual sales to be upwards of $1 billion over the year, with growth up around a third on 2019. 

The family reportedly supports a number of charities, including Starship, Unicef, the Salvation Army, Kids Can and Foodbank, along with various causes in China.

In 2020 Mowbray spoke out about companies abusing the Government's wage subsidy, saying the intent of the subsidy was to help companies who truly needed it - those who survive week-by-week. 

Although profitable companies could still legally claim the subsidy, he says those with a strong balance sheet who were paying dividends to shareholders now have a moral obligation to pay the subsidy back.

"I think it's unethical - the Government had to rush this through and put money into the economy, but feel a lot of that isn't getting to the right areas - it's going to shareholders' pockets," he said.

"At some point, maybe the shareholder should come second in a crisis like this."

Lupton is a co-founder of ethical haircare product company MONDAY Haircare.