Leading economist Cameron Bagrie hopes Commerce Commission report will see shoppers get 'little bit more money in their pocket'

A leading economist is hopeful the latest report from the Commerce Commission will help see consumers get a "little bit more money in their pocket".

Shoppers will find out on Tuesday morning what the Commerce Commission thinks should be done to improve supermarket competition when it releases its latest report.

Independent economist Cameron Bagrie, who is the former ANZ chief economist, told AM on Tuesday if some of the expected changes are implemented, consumers could see a "little bit more money in their pocket".

"I think the short answer is maybe and if it is, it'll be a little bit but you're talking about major structural issues there that will likely to be addressed and put relatively more money into people's pockets over time," Bagrie told AM.

"Just go back and have a look at the structure of the telecommunications industry 20 to 30 years ago versus what we've got now. The choices on the ground and the cost that people face going forward and it's a big structural shift."

It comes after the Commerce Commission released its draft report in July last year that found the present "duopoly… is not working well for consumers".

"If competition was more effective, retailers would face stronger pressures to deliver the right prices, quality and range to satisfy a diverse range of consumer preferences," said commission chair Anna Rawlings.

Previewing the Commerce Commissions report, Bagrie hoped "they would follow through" on the findings they released last year.

The preliminary findings were pretty critical that found that competition needed to be better for pricing, quality and range of products available for consumers.

It also threatened forcing Woolworths and Countdown to sell some of their stores to create a third retailer in the market.

Woolworths NZ (Countdown, Fresh Choice, SuperValue) and Foodstuffs (Pak'nSave, Four Square, New World) dominate the industry controlling over 90 percent of New Zealand's grocery market.

Bagrie said there were two approaches the commission could take when it releases its latest report.

It would either be a "pedestrian approach", which he believes will see some sort of grocery commissioner or the second option is they go "a little bit more nuclear and follow through with the initial recommendations".

The Commerce Commission's latest report into the supermarket industry is due out at about 8:30am on Tuesday.

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