Record prices for whiteware: Why is it so much cheaper in Australia?

Whiteware prices have skyrocketed in New Zealand this year and are currently sitting at an all-time high.

Newshub looks at why this is - and why it's so much cheaper across the ditch.

What contributes to the price we pay for whiteware?

The pandemic and supply chain issues, like many other products, are contributing to the cost of whiteware, said Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, New Zealand country manager for price tracking website PriceSpy.

"According to our price index indicator, a tool that tracks and monitors indexed price points across the most-popular goods listed on the PriceSpy website, price points across the shopping category of whiteware goods are sitting at an all-time high in New Zealand," Matinvesi-Bassett, said.

"Firstly, the wider impacts caused by COVID-19 continue to impact the world - and the escalating cost of shipping will hugely impact how much goods are being sold for."

Record prices for whiteware: Why is it so much cheaper in Australia?
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Whiteware is so much cheaper in Australia, why?

"There are a number of factors affecting the price of goods right now - and these issues may well be influencing why whiteware goods are more expensive in New Zealand, compared to over the ditch in Australia," Matinvesi-Bassett said.

"Even though Australia and New Zealand are relatively close to one another on a global scale, New Zealand is still located much further away.

"The cost to get goods shipped here compared to Australia, therefore, will evidently be more."

Does New Zealand's smaller population play a part?

Yes - Australia's larger population gives its retailers more buying power, Matinvesi-Bassett explained.

That meant manufacturers were able to sell products to Australian retailers for better prices than what they can to New Zealand distributors, she said.

Meanwhile, there were also cheaper whiteware options elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, including in countries such as Singapore.

Record prices for whiteware: Why is it so much cheaper in Australia?
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Newshub has compared the price of several whiteware appliances available at Australia's The Good Guys versus those available for the cheapest price across all of New Zealand.

The same model Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg front load washing machine/dryer was available for NZ$1797 at The Good Guys. The cheapest price in New Zealand for the same model was $2184 at Smith's City. The same model could also be found at Singapore electronics store Courts for NZ$1604.

An 85-litre pyrolytic oven by Fisher & Paykel was available at The Good Guys for NZ$4922 while the same oven was $6997 at Heathcotes - the cheapest available price in New Zealand, according to Pricespy. The oven was also available at Singapore's Courts for NZ$6934.

A Haier 419-litre bottom mount refrigerator was available at The Good Guys for $1073 while the same fridge was $1399 at both Heathcotes and Harvey Norman.

Meanwhile, a Bosch 60cm under bench dishwasher was NZ$1200 at The Good Guys while the cheapest available price in New Zealand was $1503 across multiple outlets.

Matinvesi-Bassett said, now more than ever, Pricespy recommended carrying out pricing research before purchasing anything; whether it be whiteware, energy, fuel, food or other consumer goods.

"Carrying out price research will help shoppers get more transparent pricing information," she said.