New Plymouth mum $5.3 million richer after winning Lotto Powerball on Mother's Day

A New Plymouth mum is $5.3 million richer after her daughter gifted her a winning Lotto ticket for Mother's Day.

The woman, who has remained anonymous, played Lotto from time to time but was given this winning ticket in her Mother's Day card after her daughter bought it earlier in the week.

On Sunday morning, her daughter found out that Powerball First Division had been won in New Plymouth and decided to check the ticket before popping it in the card for her mum.

"My daughter told me she had a funny feeling, so she looked up the numbers online, and after checking and double-checking she realised it was the winner," she said.

"She couldn't believe it. Everyone was coming around to see me for Mother's Day, so she popped the ticket back in the card and brought it around. When she arrived, she said 'Mum, [you have to] open your card first'.

"I pulled out the ticket, and she insisted I check the numbers straight away - and brought up the Lotto results on her phone. I went through the first line, circling one number after another, after another, until finally I had all of them circled, right there on the first line. I couldn't believe it - I felt completely numb."

The family carried on with their Mother's Day plans but topped the occasion off with a bottle of champagne and fish and chips for dinner.

"The kids were so excited! It was certainly a Mother's Day to remember."

With the prize officially claimed, the woman is looking forward to making the most of the winnings.

"I always said if I won Lotto I would use the money to help out the kids. So that's exactly what we're going to do - and maybe take the family on holiday at some point.

"My husband said he'd quite like a new car - but I don't think there's anything wrong with the one he's got!"

The winning ticket was purchased at Countdown Vogeltown in New Plymouth for the draw on May 7.

This is the sixth time Powerball First Division has been struck in 2022.