Revealed: The highest paying jobs in New Zealand

Architects in the IT sector continued to be offered the most money.
Architects in the IT sector continued to be offered the most money. Photo credit: Getty Images

New Zealanders aiming to bag a salary in the mid to high six figures should consider a career in information technology (IT), data suggests.

Based on advertised salaries for roles listed on Trade Me Jobs during the last quarter, architects in the IT sector continued to be offered the most money.

"So far in 2022 IT roles are continuing to pay the most, as we have seen consistently over the past couple of years," Trade Me Jobs sales director Matt Tolich said.

IT architects were being offered an average salary of $185,187 per year.

"The tech industry is really feeling the brunt of the talent shortage and salaries are skyrocketing as a result," Tolich added.

Coming in second on the highest-paid job list was IT management, offering an average salary of $163,708. IT project management took third place, where roles had an average salary of $161,605.

The fourth and fifth spots were also taken out by IT roles with business and systems analysts being average salaries of $152,930 while data warehousing roles were netting about $146,618.

Matt Tolich.
Matt Tolich. Photo credit: File

Barry Hardy, the managing director of IT recruitment company Imara Ltd, said tech firms currently had less than a week to hire a staff member or risk them being snapped up by competitors.

"The supply of candidates today is easily a 10th of what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic," he said in a statement.

Second quarter Trade Me data showed advertised IT salaries grew 3 percent year-on-year to $120,365. 

"The highest paying role outside of the IT industry in Q2 2022 was for executive and general management roles, which saw an average salary of $123,318," said Tolich.

"Not far behind were management roles in the engineering sector which saw an average salary of  $119,672 in Q2. Project and contract management roles in the construction and roading sector saw an average salary of $117,294."