Customers rage over Adairs' 'shocking' online shopping service

Adairs customers are frustrated and fed-up with the popular bedding and homeware retailer's online shopping experience - with one woman's items still not arriving after being purchased in the Black Friday sales.  

Adairs shopper Clare Laing purchased a $138 duvet online in November as a Christmas present for her daughter. 

Once she made the purchase, she received an email saying it would take three weeks to arrive. 

She then received another email last week saying it wouldn't arrive for another 19 business days, meaning it won't come before Christmas.  

Adairs cited COVID-19 and issues with its delivery company in New Zealand as the reason for the delay. 

Laing immediately requested a refund as the duvet wouldn't arrive by Christmas. 

"I sent them an email and said, look, this isn't good enough, it's unreasonable, it's actually in breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act," she said. 

The Consumer Guarantees Act states retailers and other suppliers must guarantee their goods will be "delivered on time, where the supplier is responsible for delivery. When no time is agreed, delivery must still be within a reasonable time".

The problem doesn't seem to be isolated with Laing. On, Adairs has an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5, with 359 people rating it 1 star - compared to 201 people with positive reviews. 

A Reddit page has been set up where shoppers have vented their frustrations. One person said, "Adairs was the worst experience I have EVER had buying something online". 

Another person said: "Adairs have some nice things but their online store is just another Australian corporation that treats NZ as its lowest priority". 

A third person wrote, "it took me about 15 emails, 5 Facebook messages and posting publicly on their Facebook twice to get a response and subsequently a refund ….  I'd never buy from them online again but the only thing that worked for me was hounding them on all platforms".  

Another frustrated customer wrote, "They are shocking with their online sales. At least the stores are actually helpful and have standards". 

This isn't the first time an Adairs customer has complained to Newshub about their online shopping experience. 

Jillian Woolner told Newshub last year she ordered two bath mats, two sets of sheets and a pillowcase valued at over $170.

After about six weeks of not receiving their items, Woolner tried contacting Adairs through their help team but couldn't get hold of them. 

After 11 weeks, she finally got a response from Adairs, who apologised for the delay and offered a full refund.

Adairs told Newshub last year the delays customers are facing are "unacceptable" and extends its "sincerest apologies" to anyone who's been impacted. 

"Adairs is aware that some customers in New Zealand have also faced unacceptable delays when seeking updates on their order status and the company deeply regrets any inconvenience caused."

Adairs hasn't responded to Newshub's request for comment about Laing's experience.