Call for New Zealand to follow Australia's lead and keep King Charles off banknotes

Australia has decided not to have King Charles on any of its banknotes, instead favouring an indigenous design.

He will still feature on its coins, but the move has renewed a call for New Zealand to follow suit.

The Aussie $5 note will no longer be fit for a king. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Reserve Bank there says King Charles should make way for a First Nations-inspired design. It's got the blessing of the government.

"It's no secret I would like Australia to become a republic, but this is a simpler nearer-term change," said Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

New Zealand has the Queen on our coins and $20 note. But the Aussie move has re-ignited the petition not to have her replaced with King Charles.

"Whatever he gets up to, whatever the institution gets up to has no relevance to my life and I don't doubt I am not the only New Zealand who feels like this," said Te Matahiapo Safari Hynes.

Politically, that's true.

"There are so many great New Zealanders, I would love to see more great New Zealanders on the currency," said ACT leader David Seymour.

The Prime Minister is open-minded.

"As we become a more independent and proudly independent nation then we will see more signs of New Zealand history reflected in our day-to-day lives as well," Chris Hipkins said.

The Reserve Bank has indicated any new coins will feature King Charles, but that is a long way off as is a new $20 note.

So while the Queen has passed away, she will still be with us for years.