Australian real estate agent's demand for tenants causes internet outrage

  • 30/03/2023
Photo Taken In Sydney, Australia
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This article was first published in March 2023.

An Australian real estate agent has been slammed online after making a comment to a renter following their routine inspection. 

An anonymous Reddit user took to the platform on Wednesday to share the email they received after a real estate agent had looked over the property.

"I had an inspection of my flat today. The real estate agent told me to make my bed," they wrote, attaching the email many are now calling unreasonable. 

"Further to today's routine inspection, please note that there are a few things which need to be attended to. This includes: The bed needs to be made."

The tenant followed up the post by saying although the real estate agent raised some valid points, this one they believed was unacceptable. 

"I told them I will not make my bed and they shouldn't have suggested that I do."

Australian real estate agent's demand for tenants causes internet outrage
Photo credit: Reddit

Viewers of the post were quick to react and share their shock at the demands. 

"Did your mum conduct the inspection?" one asked. 

"You don't have to have a clean house for a real estate inspection, you just have to have an undamaged one," another said. 

Others chimed in with their own bad experiences with rental inspections, leaving many shocked by how common these demands were. 

"My pregnant wife was sitting at the countertop eating toast, they pinged her for crumbs on the counter, like yeah, no s*** Sherlock," one said. 

Another responded: "I was once called out for kitchen sink being wet, cause they were worried about water stains!"

Someone else chimed in with, "I got told off for dishes on the sink, I think the mould in the carpet and corners of the lounge room ceiling are more worrying. She shut up after that."

Some people shared advice for those whose real estate agents seemed to have their number on speed dial, saying they've found fewer complaints were made when they were home during the inspection. 

"I rented the same place for four years at one point, and they always had something to complain about on the inspection if we weren't home." 

Another added, "decided to stay home one time - they were in and out in 10mins with no comment".