Inflation causes sharp spike in price of Easter eggs

It's Easter which means it's time to overindulge in chocolate. But like most things, the price of Easter eggs has jumped significantly this year.

And this has left a bitter taste in some consumers' mouths.

Economist Brad Olsen said it's no surprise that chocolate prices are broadly mirroring the general increase in food costs.

"Every food product at the moment is going up in price but chocolate has been eating a hole in Kiwis' wallets," Olsen told Newshub.

In fact, prices for various chocolate items were up by around 10 percent in February 2023, compared to the entire food price index which was up 12 percent.

Newshub found a standard 160g hollow Cadbury bunny cost up to $9 at some supermarket retailers, while a luxury Lindt gift box cost up to $18.

Olsen said it comes down to increasing pressures on the supply chain.

"Wages have risen as well for those who are manufacturing the chocolate, you take into account the transport cost, there is a lot of increases and really what we're seeing is that's coming through from the earliest part of production, through the supply chain, to the manufacturers and suppliers and then onto the shop floor," he said.

World Bank Commodity data shows international cocoa prices are up 4 percent and US sugar prices have increased by the same margin.

Input costs for confectionary such as equipment are up 11 percent according to Stats NZ with the price of packaging also jumping 8 percent. And it could be some time before prices fall.

"We haven't seen any let up in those price pressures yet, so we do expect food in general will be rising in price over the next few months," Olsen said.

"When we look at chocolate I don't think there's any particularly good news for those people with a sweet tooth."

Chocolate lovers are left feeling the crunch.