Lotto: Invercargill couple have world turned 'upside down' after winning $17 million, say they plan to keep working

  • 28/04/2023

A humble Invercargill couple has revealed they plan to keep working despite winning a massive $17 million Lotto prize.

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, said they bought the winning ticket online on Wednesday morning but forgot to check it immediately after the draw.

When the woman eventually looked that night, it "turned our world upside down".

"I logged in and checked my ticket, not thinking about it. But when I saw my numbers line up, followed by the words 'major prize winner', I immediately showed my husband," the woman said in a statement released by Lotto. "I was completely oblivious. I thought it said $17,000. When he told me it was 17 million I just said, 'Oh my gosh.'"

The man said he thought he was being pranked.

"I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack! … We were buzzing - you could feel it in the air."

The couple said they planned to use their winnings "to celebrate somewhere nice with the kids" but "we plan to keep working and living life like normal".

Their win stemmed from Lotto's Powerball being struck on Wednesday night, which had earlier climbed to a total of $17.25 million.

Seven multi-million dollar Powerball prizes have now been won this year.