Christchurch's affluent suburb of Merivale abuzz after whopping $33m Lotto win

Christchurch's affluent suburb of Merivale was abuzz today after someone there purchased the country's third-biggest Lotto win last night.

A whopping $33 million went to a lucky shopper at Merivale Mall's Fresh Choice supermarket.

The leafy suburb of Merivale is home to many millionaires and many mansions - and now a further $33 million has potentially slipped into a local's bank account.

On the shiny white tiles of Merivale Mall, they came in their droves to check their tickets.

"[We] haven't had anyone come forward yet," Fresh Choice manager Craig Grant said.

"Definitely life-changing, hope it goes to someone that deserves it and needs it."

Bubbles were flowing at the winning sales, counter dreams were flowing too.

"We're such nice people, we'd just give it all away," one shopper said.

"Get a wee tiny home, or I could probably have a big home with all that money," said another.

"A place in France, I'm sick of this weather," said a third.

"Put a house deposit and then go travel," a fourth said.

If you won, you'd get more than a deposit down. In fact, you could buy a few of these whoppers in Merivale outright or join the European car collection

And get your child into one of the country's most prestigious schools, there are a few tucked up in the suburb.

But don't be too judgey.

"Merivale might not be the neediest suburb in Christchurch," Grant said.

"I probably wouldn't buy into that, I think ultimately, nobody knows anybody's circumstances." 

So keep your opinions in your Maserati and your leopard skin bags.