New Zealand petrol retailers non-committal on offering specials before Government fuel subsidy expires

With petrol prices set to rise following the end of the Government's Fuel Excise Duty (FED) subsidy, Kiwis are hunting for the cheapest prices. 

The average fuel price across New Zealand for unleaded 91 is $2.34, diesel $1.87, unleaded 95 $2.55 and unleaded 98 $2.69, according to Gaspy

Four of the cheapest stations in New Zealand for 91 are in Hawke's Bay, with NPD Self Serve Hasting, Gull SPEEDLANE Hastings and Pak'nSave Hastings costing $2.07 a litre, according to Gaspy. 

Just behind those three were Waitomo Mahora in Hawke's Bay and NPD Moorhouse Ave in Canterbury costing $2.10 a litre. 

Average fuel prices in New Zealand on Monday, June 26.
Average fuel prices in New Zealand on Monday, June 26. Photo credit: AM

But those prices are about to rise with the FED set to resume on Saturday meaning Kiwis will pay around 29 cents more for fuel. 

AA principal policy advisor Terry Collins told AM on Monday he suspects fuel companies around New Zealand will offer specials on Wednesday to entice customers. 

But when Newshub asked retailers, Z Energy, Waitomo and Gull if they planned to have any specials before the FED resumes on Saturday, none would comment.

Waitomo Group CEO Simon Parham told Newshub its everyday low pump prices are enough to attract Kiwis to fill up with them. 

"With a 29 cents per litre including GST increase looming, and the very real cost-of-living impacts right now, Kiwis are looking for the best pump price," Parham said. 

"Waitomo delivers on that. Plus, by using our fueling app, customers get an additional great discount off pump price."

Parham said demand is very high at the moment and Waitomo's low prices are helping Kiwis battle the cost of living crisis. 

"We're stoked to be able to do our part to minimise the very real cost-of-living impacts on Kiwi families," he said. 

A Z Energy (Z) spokesperson told Newshub Kiwis are thinking about the best ways to save on their fuel bill with the FED set to return on Saturday. 

Z said customers should use apps like Gaspy to find the cheapest fuel station in the area and retailers' loyalty programmes are another way for consumers to secure additional discounts.

"Z is aware our customers are starting to think about the best ways to save on their fuel bill given its return will see an additional 29 cents-per-litre (including GST) added to the price of petrol," the spokesperson said. 

"Z's Sharetank is another tool customers may use to save on fuel costs at the pump. Sharetank scans every Z service station within 30kms of your current location to access the lowest pump price within that area, allowing customers to pre-purchase up to 1000 litres of fuel (per grade - 91, 95 or Diesel)," the spokesperson said. 

"The 'virtual fuel tank' gives customers the opportunity to buy fuel when and where the price is right for them. Those litres can then be redeemed at a later date at any Z station across Aotearoa, regardless of what is shown on the pump at the time."

A Gull spokesperson said Kiwis should get in early this week to avoid a mud rush on Thursday and Friday. 

"Please expect there to be queues on Thursday and Friday, the earlier in the week you could get in the less chance there will be of that," the spokesperson told Newshub.

"If you're a diesel buyer, remember there is no excise on diesel, but also you might get caught in queues on Thursday and Friday if you need diesel on Thursday and Friday." 

Collins also urged Kiwis to get in early to avoid the queues. 

"Our key advice is to fill up early this week, don't wait till the end of the week. We've seen in Australia and in other places where they put these duties back on, that people leave it for the last couple of days," Collins told AM co-host Ryan Bridge. 

"We have queues going out through the forecourts and in some cases, the service stations run dry. So avail yourself with the opportunity to fill up sometime this week, but don't leave it too late."

To help Kiwis find the lowest prices for 91 before the FED resumes on Saturday, Newshub has put together the cheapest petrol stations for some of New Zealand's bigger centres - as per price-tracking app Gaspy on Tuesday, June 27.


  1. Caltex, Newton $2.38 
  2. Mobil Karangahape Road $2.54 
  3. Z Ponsonby $2.54


  1. Pak'nSave Mill Street $2.12 
  2. Waitomo Hamilton Central $2.20
  3. Gull Norton Road $2.21


  1. Caltex Old Hutt Rd $2.17
  2. Waitomo Tinakori $2.17
  3. GAS Ngaio $2.43


  1. Pak'nSave Moorhouse $2.10
  2. Waitomo Fitzgerald $2.19 
  3. McKeown Barbadoes Street $2.20


  1. NPD Self Serve Andy bay $2.18 
  2. Waitomo Eastgate Fuel Stop $2.18
  3. McKeown Dunedin $2.18


  1. RDP Arrowtown $2.56
  2. NPD Frankton $2.59
  3. Caltex Queenstown $2.59