Pain at the pump: Kiwis warned of queues at petrol stations as Government fuel tax relief ends

There are warnings petrol stations could sell out of fuel on the day the Government's fuel tax ends. 

Kiwis have until the end of this month to fill up their vehicles to reap the discounts before the Government's fuel excise tax cut finishes.

The 25 cents per litre discount was first introduced in March last year to ease the pressure of a spike in fuel prices primarily driven by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It saw prices reach over $3 per litre on average in the week before the tax relief in March 2022.  

The Automobile Association (AA) said by the time GST is added, reinstating the tax will add nearly 29 cents per litre to petrol prices from July 1 or soon after.

But the association is warning New Zealanders not to wait until the very last day of the discount to fill up. 

"It's human nature to wait until the last minute, but I'd advise people to fill up their tank at least two or three days before the 30th of June to avoid any potential queues," AA fuel spokesperson Terry Collins said.

"Some service stations overseas have been swamped by vehicles when a fuel discount has been coming to an end, causing long queues that spill out onto nearby roads which can create a hazard. 

"Also, to avoid the possibility that some petrol stations might sell out if there's a final rush in your neighbourhood, take advantage of the lower prices a day or two early."

At the same time as fuel prices increase, the public transport subsidy will also end meaning ticket prices will double for adult bus and train users from July 1.

Last month, the Government announced children under 13 years old would ride on public transport free of charge and those aged under 25 would get it half price from July 1, as part of its cost of living package. 

However,  Auckland Transport and Greater Wellington Regional Council have said they may not have the systems in place to verify passengers' ages by July 1, so people in those regions may have to wait a little bit longer to reap the discounts.