Patrick Gower: 'No issues' with the recession

OPINION: I have no issues with the recession.

Yes, you are going to have to hear me out here.

This week on Paddy Gower Has Issues, we investigated bariatric surgery.

So sticking to the theme: our economy is overweight, partly because we gorged ourselves on Government cash during COVID-19, and we all got a disease called inflation.

The symptoms of this cruel disease are easily recognisable in just four simple words: the cost of living.

Every time we buy something it hurts.

To ease people's pain, the Government fed us with petrol subsidies and cost of living payments, but that's made the economy fatter.

The Reserve Bank tried to put us on a diet. But that didn't work.

We need the economic version of bariatric surgery. You might think I'm making too many medical analogies right now. But here's another.

When it comes to inflation, I hate it. I want the economic doctors to cut us open, tear out half our stomach, chuck it in the biohazard bin, and staple and put a sleeve around what's left. That's what a recession will do.

And luckily, we're healthy enough to stand it. We've got low unemployment and hardly any mortgagee sales.

Recession is an emotive word, and politicians like to weaponise it. Don't let them scare you - economies do grow and contract.

Obviously, I don't want to see people lose their jobs or businesses struggle. But if we don't have the recession now, we'll have it later. And it'll be worse because inflation will be worse.

That's why I have 'No Issues' with the recession.

Patrick Gower is the host of Paddy Gower Has Issues on Three and ThreeNow

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