Cost of living: Kiwis reveal what favourite supermarket items they've been forced to cut back on

People have revealed what favourite supermarket items they've been forced to cut back on.
People have revealed what favourite supermarket items they've been forced to cut back on. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kiwis are outraged about not being able to afford specific grocery items anymore due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

People across the country said they have stopped buying the items due to the "recent price gouging" and have noticed significant price growth at New World, Pak N Save and Woolworths supermarkets. 

Some people have even described the price increases as "theft" claiming supermarkets are doing it "for absolutely no reason." 

Several people took to Reddit to share their frustration, with 30 people agreeing that the price of kūmara was "unaffordable". 

It comes after kūmara crops were disrupted due to flooding across parts of the country from Cyclone Gabrielle in February, causing growers to experience drastic losses in their produce. 

"I've not bought kūmara for about a year now," one person said. "I know it's because of the floods and stuff but I can't afford $11/kg." 

One woman said it was one of her favourite vegetables and she used to use it in every meal. "I miss kūmara so much," she said. "I get carrots instead but it's not the same." 

Others shared outrage at the cost of sausages with some saying they could no longer afford them. 

"What's with sausages these days, they used to be cheap meat?" one person asked. 

"And they're not even that great, usually they taste downright awful," another added.  

"Explain why Sizzlers have gone up 50 percent," a third exclaimed. 

One person said the prices have gotten "so out of hand" they have to go to the butcher instead, to be able to afford their meat.  

"I definitely don't touch the supermarket ones anymore, they are out of control." 

Other Reddit users complained that the price of soft drinks had escalated significantly. 

One person said the price of a 1.5-litre bottle of Schweppes soda water had "bumped up" and was selling for "double the price" then a bottle of Coke of the same size at one supermarket.  

"Soda water should be cheaper than Coke," he said. 

One man added that the price of Pepsi Max in 1.5-litre bottles had become a lot more expensive in just "a couple of years", when it wasn't on special. 

"It's gone from $1.50 to $4 at the supermarket," he said. "When did water with a bit of syrup cost more than milk?" 

One woman said she only shops for her groceries at The Warehouse or in the reduced-to-clear section of the supermarket due to the rise in costs. 

"I've noticed even the reduced to clear items have increased in price," she said. 

One person even said they now avoid the supermarket "where ever possible". 

"Household supplies come from the warehouse, fruit and vegetables come from a fruit and vege store, meat comes from a butcher and fish comes from a fishmonger," they said. 

However, they admitted it was more time-consuming than "just getting everything from the supermarket". 

Others claimed supermarket companies had been lying to them "to claim more profit".