The Warehouse 'disrupts' grocery market with cheaper cheese – but do lower prices affect taste?

  • 02/11/2023

The Warehouse says they're "disrupting the grocery market one product at a time", this time with a loved food item among Kiwi families – cheese. 

From a cheese toastie to nachos, cheese is a staple food item, though the cost-of-living crisis could be getting in the way of our cheese consumption.  

The Warehouse Group chief executive Nick Grayston said it's dropping the price of essential food items one item at a time, working hard to be the "cheapest go-to for breakfast and lunchbox essentials for Kiwi families". 

"We’re tackling the essentials one-by-one – we've got $4.30 butter, $3 milk, $1.25 bread, and now $8 cheese as another key staple for many Kiwi families." 

Grayston said 700g blocks of Mainland cheese, Colby and Edam, will be $8 from today, compared to $12.50 at Countdown online and $10.99 at PaknSave Botany.  

"The price of food has been a huge challenge that Kiwi families have had to navigate this year, and they deserve to have access to the essentials at reliable and affordable prices," he said.  

The Warehouse has a limit of six per customer for butter and cheese. 

"We’re disrupting the grocery market one product at a time because it’s the only way we can make the difference we want to make while also navigating the issues we’ve faced accessing wholesale supply at equitable cost prices." 

He said growing a grocery business is "incredibly hard" but is committed to doing it.  

Does a difference in price affect taste?   

AM hosts Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green put three different cheeses to the test, Mainland's Tasty cheese which goes for around $19, Woolworth's new $10 everyday cheese and specialist cheese worth between $40 to $50. 

Both matched the cheese to the price correctly based on tasting the three cheeses. 

Chan-Green said the $10 cheese is "perfectly fine", which Bridge said "tastes like $10 cheese". 

"Melt that on your baked beans you're not going to know where it came from are ya?" Bridge said. 

Watch the full taste test above.