Hoyts Cinema gift cards sold in New Zealand supermarkets can't be used

  • Updated
  • 09/04/2024
The gift cards are being sold at several retailers across New Zealand.
The gift cards are being sold at several retailers across New Zealand. Photo credit: Supplied / James Hopkins

Hoyts Cinema gift cards being sold at supermarkets and other retailers across New Zealand aren't currently able to be used, leaving buyers feeling ripped off.

Hoyts says it's a result of a technical issue following a recent update and will be fixed in the next 24 hours.

"We are aware of a current issue involving the redemption of third-party gift cards in our New Zealand cinemas," a Hoyts spokesperson told Newshub. 

"This applies to those who have purchased a Hoyts gift card at a venue other than a Hoyts Cinema or the Hoyts Gift Shop." 

"The technical issue stems from a recent software update to the pin pad devices used in our cinemas," they said. "We have been actively working with our third-party card management provider, Epay New Zealand, to resolve this issue within the coming days." 

The spokesperson said Hoyts will extend the validity of all active cards by 60 days once the issue has been resolved.

They said the issue is expected to be "resolved in the coming 24 hours".

Meanwhile, Hoyts is urging customers with "any questions" to reach out to their customer service team, as they work to "swiftly resolve this matter". 

Christchurch resident James Hopkins was gifted the cards and described them as a "rip off". 

"My mother and I were recently gifted Hoyts gift cards purchased at Woolworths only to find Hoyts will not honour them," he said. 

"Why the hell are they selling them in New Zealand. 

"Times are tight and I'm not sure if the rats are back in Woolworths, or Hoyts has an infestation, but this is not on!" 

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Newshub contacted Woolworths, but they referred us to Hoyts. 

Epay New Zealand has also been contacted. 

The Hoyts gift cards are available for purchase from several retailers across the country.

*An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the vouchers can be used in Australia. This is not the case.